Healthcare Services in Hisar

Societies can’t sustain and grow appropriately in the absence of required healthcare facilities. It is an ardent need for the overall development of a particular society. Keeping in view such crucial needs government focuses on healthcare facilities in all cities and towns. Hisar city boasts of several government run and private hospitals. They cater to the healthcare needs of its inhabitants as well as visitors. These hospitals and nursing homes are supported by modern pathological labs and blood banks located in different places in the city. They provide ultimate treatment options in affordable rates.

Government Health Infrastructure in Hisar

Healthcare in Hissar

The Health Department of Hissar District functions manifold task to ensure that inhabitants and visitors are provided with the required healthcare services. Hospitals operating under the Health Department provide best preventive resources for healthcare and rehabilitation services. Primary Healthcare services are provided in different nook and corner of the city. These centers work extensively to provide equitable and quality health care at all levels from primary to secondary and tertiary stages. The Health Department fulfills all sorts of local community health needs.

The Health Department of Hissar city provides ultimate solutions for reproductive and childcare health services. This department actively provides all types of immunization services particularly solutions for vaccine preventive diseases. The family welfare services which Health Department offers are of essential obstetric care; implementation of all National Health Programs; provide emergency obstetric care and take special measures to prevent and control all communicable and non-communicable diseases. This department takes measures to ease surveillance and timely remedial measures for best healthcare. It ensures best treatment for common diseases and also offers emergency medical care for injuries. The services are endless which this department offers through various channels including the active involvement of government hospitals.

Government Hospital Cum Breeding Centre    
Address: 256 Sector 15/A, Umed Vihar, Near Heritage Park, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Contact: +(91)-1662-243256

CMC Hospital
Address: Delhi Road, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Contact: +(91)-1662-237476, +(91)-9896032360

Sewak Sabha Hospital
Address: Near Bus Stand, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9354922133, 9467746240

Alternative Medical Treatments in Hisar

Allopathic treatments are commonly practiced in all nook and corner of the world. Keeping in consideration the effectiveness of such treatments both government and privately owned hospitals offer treatments in Hissar. Several alternative treatment options are also available these days that make good choice of treatment. Such medications from Ayurvedic to Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Unani amongst others have least or no side effect at all. These alternative treatment options have other added values like easy treatment due to affordability and choice to go for them without any worries for reactions.

Jha Homeopathic Hospital    
Address: SCO-158, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Contact: +(91)-1662-239269

Matings Soni Burn Hospital    
Address: Near Jat College Road, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Contact: Not Available

Most of the alternative medical treatments don’t have surgery options and so do they remain lengthy treatment options. Whatever may be the case, alternative medical treatments in Hissar are one of the most sought after choices. Large chunk of people find them useful and go for such options.

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