Economy of Hissar

Proximity to the national capital region of Delhi has contributed in fueling the economic development in Hissar. This city has already emerged into a highly sought after trade and business hub in the whole region. As industrialization was given due focus in the last couple of decades, business and economy of this area attained more boost up with large scale planned growth avenues. Many such business avenues have turned it easy for its economic growth. The lifestyle of this region received further boost with increased prosperity in this region.

Hissar Economy

Early in 1960s large scale industrialization was introduced in this region. Setting up of large scale steel industries in the region made it called as “City of Steel.” Besides steel, many other items are produced from Hissar . Today, this city has largest galvanized iron manufacturing unit. Several steel and pipe manufacturing companies operate in this city and have their presence on global level. They have already attained the position of industries with global reputation. Their direct impact is seen in the fast growth of the region in and around Hissar city.

Important Industries in Hissar

Hissar remains one of the major industrially developed regions in Haryana. One can find various industries in this part of Haryana.

Agro-based Industry in Hissar

Mainly an industrialized city in the region, Hissar is equally known for its agro-based industries. Many such industries are operating in and around this city including textile industries; spinning mills and oxygen manufacturing amongst others. Although it is solely an urban establishment, the areas nearby this city are hub of different types of grains, fruits, vegetables, fodder crops and medicinal plants amongst others. Many food grain processing units are operating in the urban region therefore bring best solutions for food grain management. Usually food grains processed in the city are brought from the nearby regions. Processing of food grains makes it possible for proper foodstuffs supply to the city area and all nearby locations. Hissar also is preferred center for better preservation and packaging of fruits. The units processing fruits support enhancement of seasonal fruit production. They mainly focus on packaging, supply and care of fruits so that they could be easily supplied to all nook and corners of the city besides nearby areas. This region of Haryana remains one of the potential areas for the plantation of different types of herbs meant to prepare herbal medicines. Medicinsal and aromatic crop industry in Hissar has brought good avenues for economic development in this region.

Agrarian practices remain the key resource for all types of crops and vegetable produces in the area. Most such vegetables supplied into urban Hissar are processed and packaged in the city area with an aim to let them be supplied to each and every part of the city. In fact many such industrial units package vegetables to be supplied to other areas nearby Hissar city. Such units play crucial role to avoid wastage of vegetables supplied to different areas in and around this emerging city.

Animal Husbandry in Hissar City

Haryana is one of the few selected states of India that has welcomed diary production. That is why this state has established animal husbandry units in various locations. Hissar city welcomed the establishment of animal husbandry units . They have been playing crucial roles to support production and supply of dairy products . It is worth noting that though this city is not a largest producer of animal husbandry stuffs but units that have taken initiatives to package and supply related items have attained ample popularity nowadays. Famous Central Sheep Breeding Farm of Hisar serves the area ever since it was established in the year 1968. Hissar owns the largest of Asia's and second largest of country’s cattle farm that makes it popular in the state.

Other Prominent Industries in Hissar

Hisar is notable for being largest of automobile repair and spares parts markets. Being identified as the counter-magnet city for the National Capital Region it has been seeking the attention of many migrants. That is why this city remains an alternative growth center besides national capital. Many brands of national and international repute have their retail outlets in this area. As an urban establishment Hissar has welcomed the establishment of malls and many one stop luxury locations.

Tourism Industry in Hissar

Modern Hissar brings many avenues for visitors to explore it.Tourism value of this region equally keeps it into limelight. According to historical findings this region had once remained the prime center of the Harappan culture and so was it linked with ancient Vedic tribes like Bharatas, Purus, Kurus, Mujavatas and Mahavrishas that make it worth exploring as a tourist even to this day. The prime attractions of this area include famous Bishnoi Mandir; Feroze Shah's Palace & Fort; Gujari Mahal; Humayun's Mosque; Jain Pillar; Jahaz Kothi; Lat Ki Masjid and Pranpir Badshah's Tomb amongst others that keep the visitors well engaged throughout their stays.

Being a region planned for industrial and trade development, Hissar city welcomes large chunk of visitors. As this city is attaining popularity it has equally welcomed the establishment of hotel business. Several hotels have been established in this city to cater to the accommodation needs of visitors from all categories. These hotels of luxurious as well as affordable categories bring best respite for the traders and visitors willing to explore this area as a tourist. Here are some of the finest hotels operating in Hissar city that makes best accommodation option in Hissar city.

Hotel Midtown Grand
Address: O. P. Jindal Marg, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-266100, +(91)-9996004415

Crown Hotel & Food Court
Address: Dabra Chowk, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-227227, +(91)-8398888877

Hotel Moon
Address: Jagtara Complex, Jindal Hospital Road, Model Town, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9215666200, 9255177745

Tulips Resorts
Address: Tosham Road, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9254600098, 8398840040

Overall, the economy of Hissar city is not only sustainable but in the verge of growth due to its overall development from all spheres of social and economic uplift. This famous city in the state of Haryana has attained ample recognition due to its emergence as a business and trade hub in the region with its national and international recognition. This city is famous for the sons of the soil – the famous individuals as successful entrepreneurs who prove their mettle on global level.

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