Culture and Lifestyle in Hisar

Living standards of common masses describe their lifestyle in the areas they belong to. In Hisar inhabitants portray cultural richness in the context of their traditional living standard including the foods they eat, the dresses they wear and last but not the least social and cultural traditions they involve into to maintain their distinctness. People of this region share their joys, happiness and sorrows together to make their lives meaningful. They actively participate in social and religious festivals of each other to maintain the diversity of the society they live in. As Hisar inhabitants represents all major religions faiths this region is definitely a melting pot of culture, tradition and religion. It is here that definitely experience the cultural richness of the area and so do you analyze country’s diversity from this small region.

Culture of Hissar

Traditional Culture in Hissar

It can be well said that the traditional lifestyle of Hissar is the portrayal of the fusion of cultures since centuries. The region is historically important and therefore also remains in the notice for being a place where some of the Indian religions have their roots and impeccable relations. The traditional lifestyle of this region therefore portrays many such religious and cultural identities having been summed into one cultural identity. Some notable traditional festivals in Hissar is Agroha Maha Kumbh festival which is celebrated during the Sharad Purnima. Worshipping Gugga Pir and Sheela Mata deities are the traditional festivals of this region that distinguish it from rest parts of the country.

Similarly, the cultural richness of Hissar is also well observed through its several local dance forms that are indeed region’s primary identities. People involve in the Ghoomar folk dance which is a primary folk dance form performance common during certain festival. Likewise, region’s famous forlk-theater form Saang equally enchants people. It is well said that region’s rich cultural heritage goes back to the Indus Valley Civilization era. Seasonal and religious festivals including variety of folk dances and music glorify local culture and traditions.

Costumes in Hissar

Men like wearing traditional Dhoti-Kurta and Pagdi dresses but pant shirts are common amongst majority of them. Women wear Saree and Salwar Suits. Their dresses define typical North Indian culture. Hissar inhabitants speak regional Haryanavi dialect besides Hindi and Punjabi languages. Large chunk of Hissar inhabitants speak English language as well. Bagri dialect is second largest dialect of Hindi spoken in this region.

Food in Hisar

People of this region have special eating habits. Milk and curd remain major ingredients of food in Hissar and surrounding areas. Their foods are very much similar to that of Punjab and other areas of Haryana hence they are famous as Haryanavi dishes. Famous foods of this area Makke ki roti (grounded dry corn) & Sarso ka Saag, lassi (sweet yogurt), rajma and cholay-bhature et al are popular ones. An important part of Hissar’s traditional culture is likings of its inhabitants to variety of sweets. People are fond of sweets hence they remain integral parts of their food menus. Take for example the famous Hansi ka Peda which remains popular not only in this region but entire Haryana.

Influence of Western Lifestyle in Hisar

Fast development in Hissar has seen arrival of western lifestyle in many areas of life. Young generations have adopted new food habits and different lifestyle. Young boys and girls of Hissar can be seen wearing jeans and dresses which are very much popular in Western countries. Their foods habits of fast food dishes are common in the area. Fast food joints are wonderful options of healthy and hygienic fast food from this category.

Gyms in Hissar

One can find presence of modern gym facilities in Hissar, Haryana. People here have started taking keen interest in joining fitness clubs and gyms. In fact such trends are developing in every nook and corner of the country. One can witness modern state of the art gyms in many parts of the city. Some of them are listred below for reference.

Fitness Point
Address: Hari Nagar , 12 Quarter Road, Near Suman High School, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9416245124, 9255483837

Oxizone Gym & Spa
Address: DSS 59/60, Old Court Complex Rajgarh Road, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-271533, +(91)-9729131964

Ballus Gym
Address: 300, Sunder Nagar, Near New Grain Market, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9992999599

Zest Gym
Address: VPO Arya Nagar, Near Civil Hospital, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9416112338, 9416999987

Guru Ganga Ram Akhara
Address: Village- Bass, Akbarpur, Near Sunder Branch River, Hansi, Hissar (Haryana) – 125033
Phone No: +(91)-9813577794

The Gym & Slimming Centre
Address; Basement, Delhi Road, Near Dabra Chowk, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9050450008, 9050450009

Dronacharya: The Gym A Chain of Health Club
Address: SCF-3, Red Square Market, Near Canara Bank, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-271533, +(91)-9812733222

Marriage Bureaus in Hissar

Hissar, being one of the largest urban establishments in the region, has welcomed setting up of many marriage bureaus. They are approached for uploading profiles of boys and girls to managing them through arranging proper interaction between two parties for possible marriage proposals. In fact marriage bureaus play greater roles in turning love marriages into arrange marriages and vice versa. Hissar city based marriage bureaus are professionally trained teams which ascertain that marriages are solemnized in the best possible manner.

Jakhar Marriage Beareu
Address: HNo-120, Rajeev Nagar, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9812010003

Ajay Mehandi Designer
Address: 134-E, 1st Floor, Rajguru Market, Near Bhawana Dupatta Palace, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9896090333, 9896095680

Acharya Varahmihir Vishva Jyotish Sansthan
Address: 79 N, Model Town Market, Hissar (Haryana) – 125005
Phone No: +(91)-1662-246742, +(91)-9255198442

Sonia Marriage Bureau
Address: Near Lord Krishna School, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-8950816252, 8950816253

Ahuja Marriage Beauru
Address: Bakshi Nagar, Thandi Sadak, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9466088277

Aggarwal Marriage Bureau
Address: Dorgan Mohalla, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9896631215

Rishte Hi Rishte
Address: Near Harihar Mandir, Jawahar Nagar, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9466370646

Sethi Marriage Bureau
Address: 174, Urban Estate 2, Hissar (Haryana) – 125005
Phone No: +(91)-9896050005, 9354324840

Jasuja Marriage Bureau
Address: Residence Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9215326607, 9256238533

Sanjog Marriage Bureau
Address: 480/4, Mori Gate, Near Yashoda School, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-8950294007

Ice Cream Parlors in Hissar

Hissar is one of the fast growing cities in the region where people make sure to celebrate every occasion from social to religious or even those strictly confined to the family affairs. By keeping in consideration such ardent needs of the inhabitants and large chunk of visitors each passing of the day, several reputed brands of ice creams parlors operate in this city. They deal into all types of ice creams and so do they offer additional services like arrangements for parties and bulk orders amongst others. Below is listed the ice cream parlors operating in this city.

Royal Live Bakery & Cafeteria
Address: House Number-8, Basement, Mall Road, Camp Chowk, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-270400, +(91)-9896022505

Family Inn Urban Estate
Address: UE-II, Jindal Chowk, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9466245745, 9996316111

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Parlours
Address: 54, PLA Shopping Complex, Near Town Park, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-240031, +(91)-9466240768

Gayatri Cool Palace
Address: 115, Urban State 2, Hissar (Haryana) – 125005
Phone No: +(91)-1662-248111, +(91)-9255547911

Smile Confectionery
Address: Shop No:- 116, Sector 13 Shoping Complex, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9255559939

Vadilal Ice Cream Parlour
Address: Sector- 14, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9416804888

M/S Ankush Trading Co.
Address: 106/G, Balmiki Chowk, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No; +(91)-9416343457

Milan ICE Parlour
Address: 78, Indira Market, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-325190, +(91)-9896522939

Mathur ICE Cream Parlour
Address: Rajguru Market, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9254144463

Sky Lark Cake & Ice Cream Parlour
Address: 132, Sector 13, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9996187630

Guddu Softy Corner
Address: 681, Kriplani Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Hissar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-2602224

Tip Top Ice Cream
Address: Jagdish Nagar Colony, Hansi, Hissar (Haryana) – 125033
Phone No: +(91)-9466204306

Entertainment in Hissar

O. P. Jindal Knowledge Centre is an important landmark in Hissar. There are several entertainment avenues in Hissar that keep inhabitants and visitors well engaged. Krantiman Park in the St. Thomas Church Complex is the oldest park in this region that had been built during 19th century. It was then named Company Bagh. It was renamed to Krantiman Park in the year 1983. Similarly, Madhuban Park nearby Mahabir Stadium is another notable place in Hissar city where swimming pool, children's library and a Kala Kendra always engage visitors. One more important landmark in Hissar city is its famous O. P. Jindal Knowledge Centre. It is not only a center for exploration but equally does it remain crucial to offer good entertainment option. Its museum, library, Herbal Park, skating rink and cafeteria seek the attention of every visitor. Some more places of interest are Deer Park at the city outskirts; artificial lake in the Blue Bird Lake and Tourist Resort complex amongst others. Cinema lovers can enjoy great time watching movies in the Hissar city’s multiplex theaters at Suncity Cinemas in Suncity Mall; M G Cinemas at Mirzapur Chowk in Hissar-Delhi Bye Pass area to other movie theaters that offer good option to the movie buffs. For more information on entertainment in Hisar, click here

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