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Weekend Getaways Near Hisar

Weekend gateways near HisarThose running short of time in Hisar may prefer some of the best weekend gateways to enjoy their time away from the maddening crowd. There are many such avenues in and around Hisar city to spend best time with near and dear ones during weekends. Such gateways hardly affect your schedule henceforth you can plan them accordingly without making any changes in your already planned professional schedules. Being one of nearby cities to the national capital Delhi and in route to several other famous destinations in northern India, the areas around Hisar definitely make ultimate weekend gateways to spend memorable time with family and friends.

Visit Ancient Gumbad in Hisar

The Ancient Gumbad of Hisar or famous Tomb of Pranpir Badshah is one of the notable historic places in this area. Existing since 14th century AD, it is a famous historical monument visited by thousands of visitors throughout the year. This tomb has historical importance hence most researchers visit it. As a tomb of Baba Pranpir Badshah who had remained Sher Bahlol or Dana Sher’s spiritual teacher, it was built in the memory of celebrated saint. Arched openings in all four sides of this tomb turn it into unique structure. Dress kankar stone blocks were used to build its lower half portion while Lakhauri bricks were used to build its upper half portion. The low dome surrounding its roof resting on an octagonal drum makes it beautiful structure. No grave is present inside it today and it remains an important tourist center.

How to Reach Ancient Gumbad in Hisar ?

One can reach to this historic monument from any part of the city by using local commuting options. City bus service, taxis and auto rickshaws can be used to reach here from any nook and corner of Hisar city.

Where to Stay ?

Being one of the fast developed cities in Haryana at a reasonable distance from national capital New Delhi, the city of Hisar welcomes its visitors with all accommodation categories. The hotels are of luxurious as well as affordable types which one can choose to stay during weekend tours.

Aroma Hotel
Address: SCO-9, Pocket-A, Sector 14, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-8059392007, 8295198073

Hotel Midtown Grand
Address: O. P. Jindal Marg, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-266100, +(91)-9996004415
Website: www.midtowngrand.com

Explore Ruins of Agroha

Located in Adampur tehsil and Agroha village of Hisar district, ancient site of Agroha seeks the attention of visitors in the midst of Hisar and Fatehabad cities. This site is also one of the ancient historical sites existing since 4th century BC. It once used to be capital of the regional legendry king Maharaja Agrasena of Agrawal community. Agroha remained an urban establishment in the ancient era and served as a trade route between the Taxila and Mathura for several centuries.

Tourist spots near Hisar
Ancient ruins on Agroha

How to Reach Ancient Site of Agroha from Hisar ?

As the distance between ancient site of Agroha and the urban city of Hisar is just 22 kilometers, visitors can explore to take the road route to reach there. The site is located on the highway and many local buses and transportation means are available for that purpose. Anybody can explore such options from city buses, taxis and auto rickshaws to commute to this historic location.

Where to Stay ?

Mainly Agroha is a rural establishment and a site usually explored in the day time. Most visitors therefore prefer staying in the hotels of Hisar which offers all types of accommodation facilities.

Kartikay Hotel
Address: Golden Mall, Delhi Road, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-223355, +(91)-9728452482

Crown Hotel & Food Court
Address: Dabra Chowk, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-227227, +(91)-8398888877
Website: www.hotelcrownhisar.com

Travel to Harappan Site of Rakhigarhi

Rakhigarhi near HisarLocated in the Hansi tehsil of Hisar district, famous ancient site of Rakhigarhi is another unique place to explore as a weekend gateway. Rakhigarhi is a village but presence of ancient historic site has made it sought after. The ancient site is said to be the part of Harappa Culture which once used to be one of the five known biggest townships of Harappan civilization in the ancient era. It is explored by historians and researchers besides tourists flocking from around the country.

How to Reach Rakhigarhi from Hisar ?

Travellers can reach to ancient site of Rakhigarhi from Hisar city by using local transportation such as city buses and taxis amongst others. They run on regular intervals hence remain best choice to travel to explore this site.

Where to Stay ?

Being a small place and mainly rural establishment, the ancient site of Rakhigarhi doesn’t offer any accommodation facility to visitors. One can therefore make it a day trip by staying in the biggest city of Hisar located nearby. Hotels of Hisar are of different categories from affordable to luxurious ones.

Hotel Deep
Address: Guru Jambheshwar Market, Aggarsain Market, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-227300, +(91)-9896111994

Hotel Moon
Address: Jagtara Complex, Jindal Hospital Road, Model Town, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9215666200, 9255177745
Website: www.hotelmoon.in

Dargah Char Qutab in Hisar

Located in Hansi in the Hisar district of Haryana state, Dargah Char Qutab is one of the famous landmarks in the western side of the city of Hisar. The site is group of monuments and therefore named Dargah Char Qutab built in the memory of four saints of past era namely Jamal-ud-Din Hanswi (1187-1261 AD); Burhan-ud Din (1261-1303 AD); Qutab-ud-Din Munawwar (1300-1354 AD) and Nur-ud-Din or Nur-e-Jahan (1325-1397 AD). All four of them were designated as Qutabs hence this monument that became the last resting place of four saints became Char Qutab. A large mosque in the northern enclosure of the Dargah Char Qutab remains highly imposing edifice in this complex which Firoz Shah Tughlaq had built. The tomb of Jamal-ud-Din disciple Mir Ali is also located in this site complex. Twin tombs of Begum Skinner and chhatries (two kiosks) named Char Diwan and Ek Diwan is other notable attractions here.

How to Reach Dargah Char Qutab from Hisar ?

There is good road connectivity from Hisar city’s any portion to Dargah Char Qutab through city buses, taxis, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws amongst others. One can chose to travel by own cars and reach to this holy place. Hardly does one face any problem as best of local commuting facilities are available for the visitors and inhabitants.

Where to Stay ?

Due to its locations in the Hisar city itself, those willing to visit Dargah Char Qutub don’t need to book any additional hotel nearby it. One can stay anywhere in the city and travel here without facing any problems. All hotels of this city are easily reachable from this Dargah in Hisar city.

Hotel Platinum
Address: OP Jindal Marg, Delhi Road, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-223404, +(91)-9253877135

Lazeez Hotel
Address: Lazeez Hotel, Rajgarh Road, Lajpat Nagar, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-226603, +(91)-8222828244
Website: www.hotelraziainn.com

Feroz Shah's Palace & Tahakhanas

Travelling to Hisar in Haryana
Feroz Shah Palace

Those of you keen to explore the famous historic places of Hisar can’t miss out world-renowned Feroz Shah Palace & Tahkhanas located in the city premises. This famous monument is located nearby city’s main bus stand and very close to other famous landmark, namely Lat Ki Masjid. It can be explored easily by anybody and everybody. The edifice was built by the former Sultan of Delhi, Firoz Shah Tughlaq. Rubble masonry was used to cover monument’s thick lime plaster. Its sandstone carved pillars support the arches of the historic palace complex that also has a huge beautiful open courtyard.

How to Reach ?

As it has been already mentioned above that Feroz Shah Palace & Tahkhanas are located nearby city’s main bus stand, one can commute by bus from others area and reach there. Those travelling from the city itself need not worry about making any special arrangement because they can take the city buses, taxis, rickshaws and cycle rickshaws from any part of the city and reach to this place easily for an exploration of this famous historic monument.

Where to Stay ?

One may choose to stay in any luxurious hotel or those in the affordable category in the Hisar city to spend quality time in the city while exploring this region. No matter in which part of the area one stays, it is easy to reach this famous historical monument of Hisar city.

M G Hotel
Address: Delhi By Pass, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-8295906203, 8295906201
Website: www.mgclubhsr.com

Hotel Grace
Address: Near Dabra Chowk, Under Over Bridge, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-247701, +(91)-9254376001

Fort of Hansi near Hisar

Located near Hansi in Hisar district of Haryana, famous Fort of Hansi is one of the oldest forts in this region. Due to being an oldest one, it is in the dilapidated condition with most walls or structures already fallen nowadays its surviving remains remind of the past glory. According to historians, it had been built some 1,000 years ago. It had remained intact and survived till 1857 when a big portion was demolished deliberately. Carved roofs and 36 masonry pillars used to give it big support while it stood fine. The ancient fort is represented by huge 50 feet high mound today. Its structures on the top of the mound looked beautiful once upon a time. It still remains a sought after place amongst the visitors.

How to Reach Fort of Hansi from Hisar ?

Hisar and Hansi cities are located in close proximities hence both are well connected through the local city bus service. Roads link these cities so one may even use private vehicle to travel. One can easily reach there as it takes no much time to commute from Hisar. Taxis, auto rickshaws and city buses are best options for travel.

Where to Stay ?

Hansi is small city as compared to Hisar located nearby. One may choose to stay here as well to save time but most accommodations in Hansi are not up to the mark. One should therefore choose from best staying options in Hisar and rather travel to Hansi by road to explore it.

Hotel Midtown Grand
Address: Near Dabra Chowk, Under Over Bridge, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-9254376001, 9254376002, 9215144004, +(91)-1662-247701
Website: www.hotelgracehisar.com

Blue Bird Tourist Resort
Address: Shiksha Bye Pass, Hisar (Haryana) – 125001
Phone No: +(91)-1662-275568, 275131

Below is the list of some other prominent places to explore as weekend gateways in and around Hisar city. They are historical monuments, religious places and the places where anybody can visit to spend good time with near and dear ones. Selected ones amongst them include:-
  • Fort of Prithvi Raj in Hisar
  • Gujari Mahal in Hisar
  • Jahaj Kothi in Hisar
  • Lat Ki Masjid in Hisar
  • Baradari in Hisar
  • Barsi Gate in Hisar
  • British Palace in Hisar
  • Ruined Qila in Hisar
Besides visiting the above mentioned tourist destinations, one can travel to the small places nearby Hisar city like Pali and Hansi amongst others. These areas are great places to spend good time buying local stuffs for the near and dear ones way back home. As they are affordable one can therefore make them best weekend gateways in Haryana exploration.

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